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“When I am no longer present, may my efforts and my work be a cry standing the test of time, heard by others, instilling in them a sense of creation and liberty: that will be my legacy!”
-Heriberto Nieves, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, 1998.

About Us

The Heriberto Nieves Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit entity created under the Corporations Law of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and is duly registered in the Department of State.


The “Heriberto Nieves Foundation Inc.” is created to direct and develop the creativity of emerging Puerto Rican artists, with the purpose of exalting the value of human beings through education and art practices. We also support, encourage, and sponsor opportunities for children and emerging artists. At an educational level, our objective is that emerging artists complete their university degrees in visual arts. This is so they can be integrated into higher-level international art scenarios and further develop their entrepreneurial businesses as artists.


This Foundation will sponsor international scenarios for the artist to expose his artwork and continue development in cultural and life-long experiences in the art world.


Educate and inspire emerging, Puerto Rican artists to reach their full potential in their creative work, International vision & relations to become a successful fine art professional


Support emerging artists to pursue their passion and turn it into a successful career.

Our Services




We identify children with extraordinary skills and talent in the arts to promote their development and basic academic education in this artistic field.


- Workshops

- Motivational lectures

- Meet established Puerto Rican fine art artists and their techniques.

- The importance of college studies in fine arts.



- Multicultural Experience -

For emerging artists seeking to enhance their artistic skills and broaden their horizons. "Heriberto Nieves Art Workshop Internship" offers the chance to work in international art studios, providing exposure to innovative visual concepts and avant-garde artistic practices. Participants can expand their artistic abilities and engage with artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures.



 - Raising an artist -

Inspired by Heriberto Nieves's mom, "Kikín," we provide guidance and share best practices with parents of children with artistic skills and talents in the arts.



- Fine Art as a successful profession.

- International art affairs.

- The artist as an ambassador for his country and inspiration for others.

- Share support systems and development centers specialized in art.


We are excited to announce a unique collaboration with the Neomudéjar Museum, guided by the innovative vision of Néstor Prieto Martínez and Francisco Brives.

This strategic alliance allows us to launch artistic residencies at the museum's emblematic headquarters in Madrid and Cuenca, thus providing extraordinary platforms for the growth and exhibition of our emerging artists in a context of cultural relevance.

We are proud to introduce the Puerto Rican artists selected for this transformative adventure:

🟡 Marcos Daniel Vicéns @palma_verde, a visual narrator whose work encapsulates the identity of the Puerto Rican people.

🟡 Miguel Ángel Feba @miguelfeba, whose creativity transcends the conventional limits of art.

🟡 Andrés Meléndez @andrusno, distinguished for his innovative fusion of graphic art and painting.

These talented individuals will not only bring their art from Puerto Rico to the historic headquarters of the Neomudéjar Museum, but they will also become ambassadors of our rich cultural heritage.

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Heriberto Nieves Solo Exhibition
"Nous Sommes la Terre"
Madrid, Spain - May 29, 2024


Artistic Child & Elderly Development

Master Heriberto Nieves participated as a guest artist in a drawing workshop sponsored by the municipal administration of Vega Alta and offered by the Vegalteño artist Fidi. In addition to offering an artistic workshop, we will guide you through the "Heriberto Nieves Foundation" and its benefits.

"I am grateful for your invitation and for being able to touch the lives of these creators of all ages. Thank you to the administration of Vega Alta and its Honorable Mayor, María Vega, for this creative social city project." - H. Nieves

4/25/24, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico

Exhibition "Ventana a Madrid" 3/21/24

Collective art exhibition fundraising for the three scholarship artists, Miguel Angel Feba, Marcos Daniel Vicens & Andrés Meléndez. Selected to continue their artistic development abroad. A journey sponsored by "Heriberto Nieves Foundation" in collaboration with the museum "La Neomudéjar" in Madrid, Spain.

Premiere Fundación Heriberto Nieves


Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferrér, Santurce, Puerto Rico