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What we do

We scout and identify young talent with the potential to succeed in the competitive market of fine art. We serve as a platform of guidance and support for the novel artist to accelerate their careers in the art of creation and sales.

Artistic Child Development

We identify children with extraordinary skills and talent in the arts to promote their development and academic education in this artistic field.

- Workshops

- Motivational lectures

- Meet other artists and their techniques.

- The importance of college studies in arts.


Art Workshop Internship - Multicultural Experience

For young artists seeking to enhance their artistic skills and broaden their horizons. "Heriberto Nieves Art Workshop Internship" offers the chance to work in international art studios, providing exposure to innovative visual concepts and avant-garde artistic practices. Participants can expand their artistic abilities and engage with artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

·      Satellite Workshop 1: “La Cite Internationale des Arts”, Paris, France

·      Satellite Workshop 2: "Museo Neomudéjar", Madrid, Spain

·      Satellite Workshop 3:"Galeía de Arte UPR Carolina, un espacio de

       investigación visual", Carolina, Puerto Rico (U.S.A.)


Parent Seminars - "Raising a young artist"

Inspired by Heriberto Nieves's mom, "Kikín," we provide guidance and share best practices with parents with children who show artistic skills and talents in the arts but do not know what to do.


- The business of art

- International affairs

- The artist as a marketing product

- Support systems and development centers

* We support other organizations dedicated to the literacy of women who need to improve their reading and writing skills to achieve empowerment in this highly competitive society—especially single mothers—.

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